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False window in the interior: an unusual decor for small rooms (25 photos)


Today, there are a large number of ways to customize the transformation of the interior. Wall decor using false windows is very popular. This technique helps in the interior to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, changing the space for the better. The false window in an interior is equipped with the most various options. Consider the most popular designs.



Installation of a false window in the frame, which lies on the surface

The wall is being prepared for the fact that it will have a false window. The picture is set in a frame or baguette. This design looks presentable. The picture is created directly on the surface of the wall. As an image, you can use a poster or a large photo. Then along the edges of the image mount a frame made of wood or plastic.

They draw an image both on the wall and on plywood, which is then attached to the wall using liquid nails. As a rule, various landscapes and animals are depicted. Especially effectively similar windows look in nurseries. Painted windows help transform the interior beyond recognition.

This technique is used to expand the boundaries of space. Mirrors that have a 3D effect are used. Such windows are mainly used on the upper floors, as well as in buildings where real windows face the walls of other houses. Mirror false windows are designed in the form of frames with a lattice interlacing. Mirror tiles are inserted inside each frame. Polystyrene tiles are used. This is necessary so that the whole system is not overly heavy.

This design looks incredibly elegant and luxurious. Its production is rather complicated, since it requires taking into account a large number of important nuances.

This design helps to visually expand the space, filling it with originality and comfort. It is better to entrust the backlight installation process to professionals, since this system is rather complicated.

This idea is applied to high-quality, dense, suspended ceilings. With such a ceiling window, the room will always appear bright. The manufacturing system of this ceiling is not easy. The ceiling is mounted on hangers immediately with niches. In the niche is mounted glass, lights. Mounted on the glass wallpaper. Binding is simulated by moldings.

If you are wondering how to make a false window, then before work you should carefully familiarize yourself with the features of this design. You also need to decide on the design and view of the false window.

The use of false windows is a fashion trend in the design of modern or classic interior design. Make a window under the force not only designers. If desired, this process can be performed independently. It implies the sequential execution of the following steps:

  1. Making a niche from drywall, based on the parameters of the future design.
  2. A selection of images. It must comply with the overall design.
  3. Acquisition of a frame of the right size, made of wood or glass.
  4. Fixing on the back panel of the image niche.
  5. Install the light source. This question requires a professional approach.
  6. Closing the niche frame. Installation of curtains on the windows (if provided by the design).

There are many ways to transform the interior. Today, fake windows are sold in the finished version, they do not have to be made by hand. Self-made resorted mainly when the appropriate option could not be purchased.

A window with illumination looks especially impressive in the interior. Light rays are refracted, scattered in space. The room is filled with a cozy, pleasant atmosphere. The light becomes soft, so the eyes do not get tired of it. This type of lighting consumes a small amount of electricity.




Such a light panel is made by mounting in the box of the desired image. The box is made of plastic or plexiglass. On the edges of the box mounted LED strip. It is set indented 4 centimeters. The pieces of tape are soldered sequentially from one coil. Is output to the transformer. Then the wires are output to the outlet. A matched image is pasted on the cover of the box. The outer walls of the structure are sealed with a material that will not transmit light. The lighting is adjusted to the desired parameters and the cover is installed.

The illuminated window helps to refresh the interior, filling it with bright colors and exclusivity.

In fact, a false window can be conveniently located anywhere in the house. They look great in both dark and well-lit rooms. The question arises of where exactly the false window can be positioned so that the interior is as harmonious as possible.



If the room already has two narrow windows, then they can be successfully combined with a false window. In this case, it is important to use a mirror material. With the help of mirror decoration you can eliminate the feeling of a deaf space. By equipping the window with light, you can create a feeling of a real window opening.

By selecting the image for the false window must be approached with special care. It is desirable that it be voluminous or with perspective. It can be a stunning winter landscape, forest path, receding into the distance, flowing waterfall and much more. Today the store sells a large number of images, posters, photo wallpapers. Choose the appropriate option is not difficult.



If you wish, you can draw an image yourself. The drawing, made by yourself, will make the interior unique. The content of the image should you like and blend harmoniously into the space. In the Asian design, palm trees are used for the window, elephants in the Indian style, in the Mediterranean version - views of seascapes, etc.



If you want to emphasize the original style of your interior, then choose the design of a false window in accordance with the overall design idea. The more unexpectedly you place the window, the more you can impress the guests.