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Boxes, chests and baskets in a modern interior (28 photos)


Many of us have things that are so hard to throw out: souvenirs, old family photos, things reminiscent of the best events, useful books, prints, children's toys and much more. These items are even the most pedantic and neat people.




As you know, designers solve many problems of interior functionality, creating comfortable and cozy housing. Often they come to the aid of the original ways of furnishing with the use of boxes, chests, baskets. Boxes in the interior provide an opportunity to quickly restore order, replacing our usual cabinets, dressers and hangers. The use of such furniture makes it possible to create versions of your own interior compositions. Of course, these types of furniture must comply with the style of the room.



Wicker baskets and boxes in the interior

In our time in interior design you can find all kinds of boxes, boxes, wicker baskets and even chests. Once they were withdrawn from the daily life of a person, but they begin to confidently return to our daily life.

In some interiors, the use of baskets is appropriate. For example, they can be found in the bathroom or in the interior of the kitchen.

In the age of new technologies, at the time when modern furniture is applied, containers, packaging materials, baskets and boxes serve as decoration and stylistic addition to the design.





Boxes and baskets: decor and functionality

Wicker interior objects are comfortable, versatile, functional - they can easily replace the usual household items. They bring ease, comfort, originality in the interior of housing.




Wicker baskets in the interior, boxes and even chests will be appropriate for storage:

  • magazines, prints;
  • in the kitchen for fruit and kitchen utensils;
  • in the bedroom for things, hobby items;
  • in the playroom for children's toys.

Baskets made in the weaving technique are relevant in interiors, where you want to add a light breath of nature and a touch of antiquity. They bring warmth and comfort to the house.



The use of boxes gives a certain atmosphere to the house. As you know, these products provide a place for storing small items that are so necessary on the farm. A large number of containers of various colors, placed under the bed, on bedside tables, closets, will help to rationally transform the comfort and order in the nursery, the small residents of which like to explore the contents of the boxes and boxes.

In the case of arranging your rooms in retro or country style, you can use boxes and baskets that fit perfectly into the overall design, add interior and completeness to the interior.



Such items can be purchased or made by yourself: many master classes have been developed on this account.



If, for example, you decide to decorate a living room or bedroom, you will be helped by purchasing boxes that have a different size, but they should be the same in style and design. You will have a lot of places where you can store all sorts of stuff. Everything will be neatly folded, be in one place and, if necessary, will be at hand.

The advantage of using decorative boxes in front of baskets is that they are more diverse in colors and have a lid that allows you to put the boxes on each other. Baskets are not always convenient to use, but are perfectly combined with decorative elements of wood, cotton, ceramics or flax.

Baskets are very convenient in application in a bathroom for storage of linen before washing.

Previously, all the houses had chests among the furniture. In the interior of the bedroom, they served as a closet - convenient for storing things, spacious and give the room an unusual look. The ancient chest was used a long time ago and as a bench, and as a table, it was quite large in size and also very heavy. The fashion for chests in the interior turned out to be cyclical, and now you can again notice these venerable pieces of furniture in modern homes.



Where to put the chest?

It is better to install a chest in the bedroom interior at the foot of the bed, store in it those things that do not fit in dressers, wardrobes (large blankets, pillows, etc.) or you can put it under the window.



Boxes, baskets, containers and chests will be the most valuable acquisition that will bring animation to the interior. By applying these things in decorating your home, you can not only use space wisely, but also bring individuality and uniqueness into the appearance, add comfort and coziness to the room.