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How to choose vinyl wallpaper (21 photos): features and beautiful examples of design


Repair takes one of the main places in human life, despite the fact that we do it not so often. To equip a house for yourself is important. Cozy and native nest should be comfortable and not cause negative emotions. It is difficult to make a perfect interior and choose a beautiful, but at the same time safe material for it. The choice of wallpaper - one of the most difficult activities.

Vinyl double-layer wallpaper. The top layer is vinyl and is represented by a variety of colors and patterns:

  • monophonic: light and dark, white, red, violet, gray, blue, beige and other colors;
  • striped wallpaper;
  • embossed with a pattern;
  • multi-ton;
  • with an image.

The top layer of vinyl is of several types. Depending on thickness, noise reduction, external indicators and features, wallpapers are divided into the following types:

  1. smooth. Durable embossed material. Design vinyl wallpaper is under brick and stone. Wash well. Smooth vinyl wallpapers are not afraid of light, so do not fade.
  2. solid. Resistant to any damage wallpaper. Dense structure. Able to imitate various finishing materials. Well pass air.
  3. silk Amazing on the texture and type of wallpaper. They resemble silk fabric because of its fineness and strength. The process of creating vinyl is called silk screening.
  4. foamed embossed vinyl. The foam layer makes it possible to breathe wallpaper. At the same time, it has a unique clear and embossed pattern. The material is not heavy and easy to work with. These wallpapers are well suited to the design of the kitchen, as they can be considered washable. They are well wiped with a rag, so they are often used as a ceiling finishing material. These wallpapers can hide all the flaws and irregularities of the walls of the room.



Pros vinyl wallpaper can be a long list. From this, their popularity grows exponentially. These benefits include:

  • stylish and beautiful design. Large selection of colors and type of top coating makes vinyl wallpaper special and popular.
  • Ability to look like other finishing materials. Brick, tile, stone, plaster - all this can be vinyl wallpaper.
  • The ability to capture and delay noise.
  • The ability to eliminate visual irregularities.
  • The density of the material.
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Damage resistance.
  • Safe and harmless composition.



Cons of vinyl wallpaper

Are vinyl wallpapers harmful? What are their cons? Like other artificially created materials, vinyl wallpapers have their drawbacks:

  • possible toxicity. Not all manufacturers do quality work on the production of wallpaper. Quite often, a poor-quality manufacturer produces low-quality wallpaper from cheap and chemically dangerous raw materials. It is important to check the availability of the certificate of conformity with GOST.
  • Wallpaper do not breathe. Choosing vinyl wallpaper, we do not always look at the bottom cover. It is responsible for air permeability. Buy wallpaper on non-woven base - they better let the air through.
  • difficulty sticking. For inexperienced builders first encountered with such wallpaper, work brings little trouble. Vinyl wallpaper on paper often shrink. In order to avoid gaps, glue them end-to-end.
  • vinyl wallpapers are not the cheapest. But the price justifies the quality.
  • paper-based wallpaper is afraid of temperature changes and condensation. It is not recommended to paste over kitchens and bathrooms with them. Choose for this non-woven base.

This wallpaper has cons, but with care and hard work, the disadvantages of unnecessary trouble should not deliver. Repair will be held with a bang. Beautiful house and wallpaper - the face of the owner.




Choose the wallpaper correctly

How to choose a vinyl wallpaper? It is not only paint or glue that makes it difficult to choose. Choosing the right wallpaper is also a difficult thing - you need to take into account many nuances. There are questions: what basis to choose, what will be the top layer, choose blue or yellow, black or pink, embossed wallpaper or wallpaper? Let's see.

Wallpaper, as well as any decor items and furniture in the house, need care. Vinyls are washable wallpaper, but there is no need to overdo it. Pay attention to the label, it indicates the degree of wetting (number of waves). Based on the information, choose the right detergent and cleaning tool. Cleaning rules and tips:

  • Relief wallpaper should first be wiped with a dry cloth from dust, and then use a wet. Be careful and do not allow excessive moisture.
  • Water, solution with detergent, alcohol - great for wet cleaning and wallpaper cleaning.
  • Wallpaper wash upwards.
  • The product is great for coloring.
  • Remove the wallpaper from the walls in 2 stages. First, the top layer is removed. Help brushes, knives, spatulas. Then lower with water and a spatula.