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Brushed ceiling in modern design (26 photos)


Stretch matte ceilings have firmly won the hearts of not only apartment owners, but also designers. Perhaps no longer find the owner of an apartment or house who has not heard about the suspended ceilings.

Designs have many advantages: functionality, durability, aesthetics, perfectly smooth surface. Manufacturers offer PVC fabrics and fabrics.

Opaque stretch vinyl ceilings are made of individual sizes and shapes for specific rooms. The peculiarity of the material is absolute waterproofness. For installation, the canvas is heated with special guns, stretched and fixed on pre-installed profiles. Matt ceiling surface accurately conveys color.



Textile fabric is made of polyester yarn and impregnated with special mixtures. Available in rolls up to 5 m wide. During installation no special heating or any additional processing is required. A distinctive feature - the fabric ceiling is well tolerated by significant temperature differences.

The classic ceiling mounting option is a single-level design that perfectly decorates low spaces. In spacious or high rooms, you can install a two-level stretch ceilings. Such designs allow you to visually zone the room, change its geometry or delimit.




  • PVC film can be easily damaged with sharp objects;
  • does not tolerate low temperatures;
  • when the structure is mounted, the height of the room is lost (about 5 cm);
  • of dubious quality, the film can give off an unpleasant smell (with time it disappears);
  • You can not install the structure yourself, without proper skills and necessary tools.

At repair various materials (fabric, PVC) and methods of installation of suspended structures (lath, tension) are used. Due to this, it is not difficult to choose an option suitable for various stylistic directions of design.

A feature of the non-shiny surface is the absence of glare or reflections. Matt colored ceilings perfectly emphasize or complement the decor of a wide variety of shades, so the suspended ceiling is considered the best choice for creating any interiors in various shades.

Stretch ceilings for the hall

It is possible to emphasize the luxury of decoration or the restraint of the living room using a stretch ceiling made of fabric. Textile canvases are easy to paint with acrylic paints, which will allow you to easily change the design of the room with little cost.



Colors for the ceiling, you can choose a variety. White matte stretch ceiling in the living room with a chandelier is suitable for the interior of a classic style, where furniture or accessories are the main accents of the situation. If you use dark shades (gray, brown), then you need to link them with the mood of the room. In order for the living room not to acquire a gloomy look, it is advisable to have in the setting small, small objects (decorative pillows, vases) of bright contrasting colors (red, orange, sand).

A great way to create a creative design of a spacious room is the installation of two-level stretch ceilings. Curvilinear structures must necessarily be supported by corresponding lines in the interior - this can be a flooring pattern or an appropriate arrangement of furniture.



Comfort matte ceiling in the bedroom

It is peace and comfort that will help create a matte ceiling surface in the bedroom. With the help of a tension structure, it is easy to visually change the geometry of a room. If the room has a low ceiling, the colors are better to choose light and calm, pastel shades. White color is a classic that harmonizes with any style of interior.

In an overly spacious room I want to add comfort and a more homely atmosphere. This will help darker shades of coverage.

If you want non-standard solutions, then light gray or beige shades would be an excellent option. Noble tones perfectly emphasize the fashionable monochrome furnishings of bedrooms.



Matt stretch ceiling in the kitchen - order and comfort

The advantages of the stretch ceiling for the kitchen are indisputable: fire safety, ease of cleaning, does not absorb kitchen aromas, calmly transfers temperature and humidity drops, just choose the model for any kitchen interior.

Ceiling gray shade is perfect for a kitchen equipped with metal objects or appliances with a shiny surface. Moreover, given the characteristics of the room (a lot of steam, spray), it is easier to care for gray dull ceiling. To wash the stretch ceiling, use liquid detergents.



Stylish stretch ceiling in the bathroom and corridor

These two rooms, as a rule, differ in small areas. White matte ceiling, according to the rules of design, visually raise the ceiling. However, for some apartment owners this tradition is boring. So, if you choose a dull gray ceiling, then be sure to install sufficient lighting. The black matte ceiling in the bathroom will give the room some mystery and depth.

Also a great option to design the ceiling in the hallway is narrow and high - lacquered ceiling in white. Matte acrylic inserts give the room lightness.



How to wash the stretch ceiling?

Stretch ceilings come in different colors. Manufacturers promise that the surface does not crack, does not turn yellow and does not accumulate dust (due to the antistatic treatment). However, no one is immune from the appearance of random spots on the canvas.



To clean the stretch ceiling using conventional detergent compositions that do not contain abrasive additives. Before washing the stretch ceiling with an unfamiliar means, it is advisable to pretreat a small area somewhere on the side. It is necessary to clean the surface with soft napkins. In no case should not use cheeks. After wet cleaning, it is recommended to rub the surface with a dry cloth.



Of course, for the quality of matte surface care, it is better to use specialized detergents.

Choosing a stretch ceiling for a small room, you can sort out only the shades, but when mounted in a large room, you can already allow yourself to play around and play with the options. Nobody forbids, of course, to mount a plain flat suspended ceiling in the spacious living room. However, it is better to establish complex forms that will give the room character and characteristics.




If you have difficulty with the choice, it is desirable to turn to professionals.